NaNo day 13

Et un chapitre de plus ! J’ai bientôt terminé la seconde des 4 parties de mon roman, ce qui tombe bien vu que je suis à 25.000 mots ^^ Quelques extraits du chapitre 5 pour la peine (moins que d’habitude, mais ce chapitre entame les choses sérieuses pour de vrai).

Extraits du chapitre 5 : Not all magic mushrooms restore HP

“Val, hey! What a coincidence!”
Right. Exactly how long have you been waiting in my workplace to say that? “Fancy seeing you there, really. Why don’t you introduce me to your friend?”
“This is Mary-Sue, she is…” He stops, as if looking for the right word to describe their relationship. “Well, a fan of my books.” If I trust Mary-Sue’s disdainful look, that was not the right word.

“I have all the inspiration you need for Laureline in my room.”
What did I just say? Where did this stupid innuendo come from? I was talking about dreamdust, not what the young Mary-Sue seems to be thinking.

“The only thing that worries me about Mary-Sue is that vente de cialis en ligne she probably is not even eighteen and that if you get arrested for sleeping with her, who will pay for my exquisite collection of SciFi TV shows DVDs?”

Multicoloured tents cover the banks of the Muileata, with dozen of Fays buzzing about around them. When I approach, each of them salutes me politely with a “My Lady” and a small curtsey and I feel like I suddenly am in the Matrix. Why did I accept Sion’s plan?

A minute after I enter her house, she literally jumps at me—not literally literally, more like figuratively literally—and begins telling me all about her organising the tourney, who she invited, when it will take place, all the events around it, the sights and the shows, the menus for each meal, the decoration, the themed parties.

“You know how the legends say that I built a Round Table so that every Knights would have an equal place around it?” I nod. “Well, it’s wrong. There was a place that was better than the others and that is where I used to sit.”
“How can that be?” I am not sure to see where he is going with that story.
“Well, the one next to the door of course. That way, I was always the first one out of the room once the meetings were over.”

He was right, I knew, and he just gave me the last straw of strength I needed. He probably did not know that I needed his advice to better disobey the law, but still, I thank him.

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